What do we sell? - Everything!

If it is manufactured, bought, sold, or transported in the US, you’ll probably find it at COHO. We are the sole outlet for a myriad of manufacturers, trucking companies and retailers.

Our unique arrangements with these suppliers means a constant stream of unmanifested product. We never know what the next load will bring.


How do we sell it? - Cheap!

We don’t warehouse back-stock like normal retailers. Our goal is to turn product fast to make room for more loads. So we need to be cheap. REALLY CHEAP!

We beat the big box stores. We beat local little guys. We even beat the internet. Find a better price anywhere and we’ll beat it too!


Why do we do it? - It’s Fun!

COHO is a unique experience. We have a blast doing what we do and you’ll have fun shopping here too!

Be prepared to be entertained by our bizarre mix of products. From pickles to air compressors, you never know what you’ll find at COHO, but it will always be a bargain!

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what our customers are saying

Pamela O


"Just received items shipped to us in California. All came through in perfect condition! Thanks Coho team members! I love this place!! It's a must when visiting the Skagit Valley!"

Brenda D


"Love going just to see what is new. Great place to shop and get bargains"

Angelique C


"This place is awesome. My go-to place when I need something for the house or a project I'm working on. I always walk away with a treasure and a smile"

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